Our roots run deep

We are a family of companies with plant-based food in our genes.
We break new ground by creating and producing convenient fresh food solutions. We all encourage a movement towards a new sustainable way of eating.

We hope you’ll join us to celebrate life and share with your friends and family. For generations to come

Meet the members of the family

Kramer Food Family is established in 6 European countries with 9 production locations and 159 production lines in total. Together we provide 52 clients with healthy and convenient fruit- and vegetable products.

Kramer Food Family is one of the largest fruit and vegetable processors in Europe

Our mission

Making healthy and enjoyable, plant based food available for everyone at anytime while contributing to a sustainable food system.


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Marcel Jacobs

CEO Kramer Food Family

Niels Bontje

CCO Kramer Food Family

Sido Schoustra

COO Kramer Food Family